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  • Cisco Communities : Equipment ground for TANDBERG…

    We have a requirement to provide a facilities equipment ground for a new MSE8000 Bridge. The new bridge will have an external ground lug on equipment chassis. Our facilities electricians have asked if the ground is a fault ground ... or signal ground. If I understand correctly, the fault ground can simply be grounded to the ... 立即訪問
  • Cisco Communities : Tandberg Content Server recording…

    Hello, We have a customer is looking to implement “simple” or “one button” recording using a Tandberg Content Server while in a call. They have TCS that was recently updated and is on the network, but integrating it with the Tandberg infrastructure, like ourTelepresence Management Suite and Codian Bridge is not obvious. 立即訪問
  • Cisco TelePresence & Video Conferencing…

    Cisco TelePresence Video and Blue Jeans Blue Jeans enables seamless video conferencing interoperability across the complete range of Cisco’s video conferencing, collaboration and telepresence solutions. With our cloud-based video conferencing service, you can easily connect an enterprise Cisco video conferencing deployment to any ... 立即訪問
  • Cisco Jabber (formerly TANDBERG Movi) - YouTube Use your mobile phone to collaborate across multiple devices, including Windows, Apple, and Android. with Cisco Jabber Video allows ... 立即訪問
  • Case No COMP/M.5669 - CISCO/ TANDBERG

    Office for Publications of the European Union L-2985 Luxembourg 1 EN Case No COMP/M.5669 - CISCO/ TANDBERG Only the English text is available and authentic. REGULATION (EC) No 139/2004 MERGER PROCEDURE Article 6(1)(b) in conjunction with Art 6(2) Date: 29/03/2010 In electronic form on the EUR-Lex website under document 立即訪問
  • TANDBERG e20 & Cisco 9971 series phone (advanced call)…

    A call between the 9971 registered on CUCM v.8 to a basic Cisco audio phone (also registered to CUCM) and then transfering to a TANDBERG e20 registered on VCS v.5. 立即訪問
  • [觀察|技術] LTO-6 的第一步

    LTO 技術提供者,HP、IBM、與 Quantum 等公司宣佈新一代的 LTO 技術,LTO-6 的規格已經開始授權;開始進行授權作業是新規格產品化的第一步,以 LTO-5 為例,在 2010 年一月開始授權,三個月後 HP 與 IBM 的第一部 LTO-5 磁帶機正式發表;從 LTO-4 到 LTO-5(市場成熟 ... 立即訪問

    市場研究調查機構 Gartner 在她們的「2013 年全球 CEO 資深行政人員調查」中發現,當問到預期在未來幾年內具有破壞性的新資訊型態時,半數以上的受訪者是無法提供一個答案或是一個技術的名稱。這顯示在面對未來社交網際網路、廉價感應器、網際網路 ... 立即訪問